Her name is Carissa Homme, she is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. By the age of 2 her parents found out about her hearning loss.

They moved to California during summer of 1990 to John Tracy Clinic where Carissa learned to speak with hearing aids with moderate hearing loss to profound hearing loss and received a cochlear implant by age 4.

As a deaf individual the challenges that Carissa face on a daily basis are:

  1. Following a conversation in a group of four people or more.
  2. Carry a conversation in a noisy restaurant, people who speak with heavy accent, and people who do not repeat themselves when she didn’t hear in the first place or respond “never mind, it doesn’t matter.” And…
  3. She is a competitive dancer and guess what… She hardly hear the music when she dance. Its all about passion!

She love expressing herself through dance, modeling and art, because not only it releases emotions she needs to express but to give inspiration to others who think they cannot do those things regardless if the individual does or does not have a disability.




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